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Colorful Flowers

Sharon Willett
Author and Artist


mosiac piece.JPG
Driven[1339] Sharon.jpg

Glass is a magical entity that when cut and soldered evolves into an object of fascination and visual delight. Writing launches you into a different dimension where anything is possible, and you, the writer, make the rules. Both of these arts have become a favorite pastime of Sharon Willett in her studio – The Stained Mosaic.


Edgerton Giftery showcases many local artists, and Sharon is proud to be one of them. Sherrie at Edgerton carries Sharon’s books as well as stained glass. There is a series of three mid-grade books for kids 8 to 12-years-old, two young adult books, and mid-May her first book written for adults will be out.



Would you like to become a monthly featured artist? Here are some quick FAQ's and details. 

Please note- you must have a current contract with Edgerton Giftery as a Vendor. To become a vendor please contact us.

Would you like to become a monthly featured artist? If you currently are a contracted vendor with Edgerton Giftery, please click on apply below. You will need a product picture, business details, product description as well as payment. All applications need to be preapproved before  and at the discretion of Edgerton Giftery, LLC. If for any reason your application is denied, we will refund your application fee. 

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